Sunday, January 27, 2013

1959 City of Baguio Golden Jubilee

The City of Baguio in northern Luzon was incorporated as a city by the Philippines Assembly on September 1, 1909. Baguio is located 1500m above sea level and enjoys cooler temperatures than the rest of the country.

The Bureau of Posts issued a pair of stamps on September 1, 1959, to celebrate Baguio's golden jubilee.This was not the first time that Baguio City has been associated with stamps issued  by the Philippine Republic. Other issues include:

1947  ECAFE (United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East) Baguio session
1950 Baguio Conference
1953 3rd Lions District Convention Baguio

Camp John Hay and the Bell Amphitheater

Camp John Jay was founded in 1903 after US President Roosevelt signed over a reservation to the US Army post in Baguio.  The base was turned over to the Philippine Government in 1991.

The Bell Amphitheater, an open-air auditorium made in 1915, is featured on the Baguio Golden Jubilee stamps

First Day of Issue Cancellation

The Baguio City Coat of Arms was included in the first day of issue cancellation.


Baguio City

First Day Covers


 Unpainted and Painted