Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1958 50th Anniversary University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines was established by the Philippine Legislature  in 1908 to provide advanced instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences, and arts, and to give professional and technical training. The original campus was located on a small site in central Manila. As more colleges were added, additional buildings were required.  In 1939, the University acquired land in the Diliman District of Quezon City (10 miles from central Manila) and established a larger campus to accommodate the rising student population. The Diliman campus became the flagship of the University of the Philippines in 1949 when the University administrative offices moved to Diliman.

Symbols of the University of the Philippines : Carillon Tower and Oblation statue

Diliman Main Library behind "Lagoon" (early 1950s)

The Bureau of Posts marked the 50th anniversary of the University of the Philippines on June 18, 1957 with the release of a commemorative stamp produced by the Government Printing Bureau of Japan . The  stamp design shows the Oblation statue in front of the Diliman campus "Academic Oval". The Carillon Tower  is drawn on the left side of the stamp.

First Day of Issue Cachet

First Day of Issue Cancellations

Manila and Quezon City provided first day of issue cancellations.

First Day Covers

 U.P. Presidents Series



 Unpainted and Painted