Friday, January 4, 2013

1956 50th Anniversary Philippine National Red Cross

On August 30, 1905,  Miss Mabel T. Boardman , Secretary of the Central Committee of the American National Red Cross, helped to organize the Philippine Branch of the American Red Cross, whose purpose was "To take charge of disaster relief withing the Philippines and administer American Red Cross relief funds sent from the United States."

 Mabel T. Boardman was elected to the American Red Cross governing board in 1901, beginning a lifelong career of organizational leadership, particularly among volunteers.

The 50th anniversary of Red Cross service in the Philippines was marked on August 30, 1955, but it was only on August 30, 1956, that the Bureau of Posts issued a set of stamps to commemorate the event. The stamps were engraved and printed by the American Bank Note Co. of New York.


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