Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1956 Liberty Wells

"God will bless those who dig wells, build bridges, and construct roads." 
Chinese proverb

In 1954, the majority of the population of the Philippines was dependent on unsafe sources of water. President Magsaysay urged the people to get together and put in community wells. Filipino-Chinese business leader Albino Sycip established the "Liberty Wells Association" to raise funds to donate wells  to poor communities.

Don Albino Sycip was a founder and Chairman of the Board 
of China Bank, the first privately-owned commercial bank in 
the Philippines.

President Ramon Magsaysay praised the Association in his first State of the Nation address and issued an executive order which allowed the  Liberty Wells Association "to solicit contributions to the Government from the public of funds and materials to be used exclusively for the construction and development of artesian wells and other sources of potable water supplies for rural communities in the Philippines lacking in financial resources to provide an adequate and safe water supply."

On March 16, 1956, "Safe Drinking Water for Rural Areas" was the subject of a set of commemorative stamps issued by the Bureau of Posts. The stamps, engraved by Waterlow & Sons (England) feature a vignette of President Magsaysay and a scene of villagers pumping water from the community Liberty Well.



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