Sunday, March 17, 2013

1963 New Famous Filipinos VII Manuel Quezon

On September 23, 1963, the Bureau of Posts replaced the 1960 1 cent definitive stamp showing Manuel Quezon with a new stamp also picturing Quezon.

Manuel Quezon has been the shown on several Philippine stamps:

 1947 Manuel L. Quezon
 1947 Quezon-Roosevelt Airmails
 1947 NAPEX
 Famous Filipinos Series : 1952 - 1960
 1958 Anti-TB Semi Postal Issue
 1959 Anti-TB Semi-Postals
 1960 Anti-TB Semi-postal Stamp
 1960 Quezon 1c Definitive

First Day Covers

Combination First Day Cover

Quezon 1953 stamp with November 30, first day cancel
New Quezon stamp cancelled on day of issue