Saturday, March 2, 2013

1962 Independence Day June 12

Independence Day in the Philippines was celebrated on July 4 until 1962, when President Macapagal issued a proclamation declaring June 12 a public holiday "in commemoration of our people's declaration of their inherent right to freedom and independence." " On August 4, 1964, Republic Act No. 4166 renamed the July 4 holiday as "Philippine Republic Day", and  proclaimed June 12 as "Philippine Independence Day".  It was on June 12, 1898 that the Philippine Declaration of Independence  from Spain was proclaimed.

 The Bureau of Posts issued a set of three stamps to mark Independence Day. A representation of President Macapagal's taking the oath of office on December 30, 1961, is featured on the stamps.

Diosdado Macapagal Taking Oath of Office

The oath of office was administered by Chief Justice Cesar Bengzon.wearing a business suit.

Independence Stamps

Chief Justice Bengzon is shown wearing his robes

First Day of Issue Cancellation

First Day Covers