Saturday, December 29, 2012

1955 Lt. Jose Gozar

 Boeing P-26 and Lt. Jose Gozar

On December 10, 1941, a Japanese bomber formation flying over Zablan field, Manila, was intercepted by the Philippine Army Air Corps flying obsolete Boeing P-26 (Peashooter) pursuit aircraft.  During the attack, 3rd Lieutenant Jose P. Gozar, United States Army Air Forces, attempted to ram Japanese aircraft when his guns jammed. After a series of such maneuvres, it is reported that he forced the Japanese plane to fly away without further attacks on the air field. Lt. Gozar was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroism. President Roosevelt ordered the decoration in reply to to reports from the battlefields by General MacArthur. Gozar died later in the war.

On October 26, 1955, the Bureau of Posts honored Lt. Gozar with the issue of a set of two airmail stamps engraved by Waterlow and Sons of England.



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