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1953 Quirino-Sukarno State Visits

The Philippines and Indonesia are neighbouring archipelagoes. In 1949, Philippines was one of the first countries to recognize the independent nation of Indonesia.

State Visits : 1951 and 1952

In Janaury 1951, President Sukarno of Indonesia paid a seven-day official visit to the Philippines in order to develop cordial relations with President Quirino and promote the bilateral relationship.

Indonesian President Sukarno

This lead to the signing of a treaty of friendship in Jakarta on June 21, 1951  which covered several matters such as the maintenance of peace and friendship, dispute settlement, travel,  and activities to promote  trade and cultural cooperation.

Phillipines President Quirino visited Indonesia from July 16 to 27, 1952.


The Bureau of Posts issued a set of two stamps to commemorate the 1951 and 1952 State Visits on October 5, 1953. The late release of the stamps may have been due to delays encountered by the American Bank Note Co. in its production of the multicoloured engraved stamps.

The Stamps

The State Visit stamps were the first multicoloured stamps issued by the Republic.

First Day of Issue Cachet

First Day Covers

Hand Painting

The hand coloring of cachets became a common practice used to embellish first day covers.

Cachet as printed

Hand colored embellishment