Saturday, December 15, 2012

1953 Philippines International Fair

The Philippines International Fair was held in Manila from February 1 to April 20, 1953. Within its fair grounds were booths for the exhibition of the industrial and agricultural products of the different provinces of the Philippines as well as of foreign countries. Aside from side shows and various other attractions, the fair and exposition had an amusement zone divided into four compounds, the biggest attractions therein being the "Aquacade Show" and the "Xavier Cugat Show". In addition, there was a large auditorium where balls and dances were held.

The Bureau of Posts issued a cacheted  stamped envelope on February 1 and  a set of commemorative stamps on April 30 to commemorate the Fair.

Opening Day : February 1, 1953

Manila, February 1, 1953

Closing Day : April 30, 1953

A set of two commemorative stamps was issued:

First Day of Issue Cachet

First Day Covers