Friday, November 30, 2012

1951 City of Zamboanga Coat of Arms

Zamboanga City is located at the southern tip of the Zamboanga peninsula, in the island of Mindanao, about 850 km south of Manila.The Zamboanga City Coat of Arms stamps were issued on June 19, 1951.

 The Stamps

 First Day of Issue Cachet

Zamboanga City's Coat of Arms features a vinta, the traditional boat used for inter-island transport in Mindanao. The boats have sails with vertical colours that represent the culture and history of the Muslim community.


A vinta is shown on the first day of issue cachet.

 First Day Covers

Santiago Artiga : First Mayor of the City of Zamboanga

Santiago Artiaga

Zamboanga City became an independent Chartered City on October 12, 1936, with Santiago Artiaga as its first mayor. Artiaga graduated from the School of Engineering, University of Michigan. As the city engineer for the City of Manila from 1920 to 1932, he had frequently served during vacancies is the mayor's office. President Manuel Quezon appointed Artiaga as  Zamboanga's first mayor in 1936. Artiaga went on to serve as mayor of Davao, and governor of Bukidnon and Malaybay provinces.

Cover autographed by S. Artiaga

6/26/51With compliments from
S. Artiaga
1st Mayor of Zambuanga

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