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1947 Definitives Part 1

In 1947, the Philippine Bureau of Posts issued its first definitive series. The first installment released on March 23, 1947, consisted of a 10c stamp featuring the Bonifacio Monument and a 20c stamp picturing the Mayon Volcano.Both stamps were engraved by the American Bank Note Company.

Andres Bonifacio

File:Andres Bonifacio photo.jpg

 Andres Bonifacio was a major figure in the Philippine Revolution.  He was a founder and later leader of the Katipunan movement, a secret society which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spain. The discovery of the Katipunan by Spanish authorities in August, 1896, led to the outbreak of the revolution. Bonifacio reorganized the Katipunan into a de facto revolutionary government naming himself as President and commander-in-chief of the rebel army.

Divisions within the revolutionary movement led to the replacement of the Katipunan by a revolutionary government. In March 1897,  Emilio Aguinaldo defeated Andres Bonifacio in an election held at the Tejeros Convention to become President of the revolutionary government.  Bonifacio refused to recognize the Aguinaldo government and attempted to establishing a rival government. On Aguinaldo's orders, Bonifacio and his brother were arrested and convicted of treason, and sentenced to death. They were executed by firing squad on May 10, 1897.

Bonifacio Monument

The Bonifacio monument , located in Colocan City, north of Manila, was unveiled in 1933. Sculptor Guillermo Tolentino won the nationwide contest held to choose a design for the monument. 

Image:Gat. Andres Bonifacio Monument.JPG

10c Bonifacio Monument

Mayon Volcano

Beautifully symmetrical Mayon volcano, which rises to 2462 m above the Albay Gulf, is the Philippines' most active volcano.  The historical eruptions of this  volcano date back to 1616. Mayon's most violent eruption, in 1814, killed more than 1200 people and devastated several towns.

File:Mt.Mayon tam3rd.jpg 

File:Mayon 0052.jpg
Mayon Volcano eruption 2009

20c Mayon Volcano

First Day Cover

Manila Post Office, March 23, 1947